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Green meadows crossed by ditches, waving reeds, picturesque colored wooden houses and in the distance, sometimes a bit hazy, white and brown sails of boats. This is Holland's countryside; an unparalleled and beautiful Dutch landscape!


Leaving behind the busy city center of Amsterdam we cycle towards 'Waterland'. With the ferry we cross the water to go to the North of Amsterdam and then follow a centuries-old dike, which had to protect the land from high tides of the (former) inner sea. We pass Durgerdam, a characteristic dike village of colorful houses, with laundry drying on long clothes lines and boats floating in the harbor.

Our route takes us past beautiful farms and through large open countryside to Ransdorp, a village that Rembrandt has visited many times. The early 16th-century tower and the 17th-century town hall are still visible memories of the prosperous past of this small village. Via narrow cycle paths criss-cross through lovely countryside we cycle back to Amsterdam.

Our countryside cycling tour is suitable for anyone who loves to cycle. It's open land and unfortunately we cannot guarantee wind in our backs or prevent a bit of rain from time to time ;-) If that's not a problem then it's guaranteed enjoying the tranquility, nature and panoramic views of this very special and historic water landscape so close to Amsterdam!


Rate Rates on request, depending on amount of participants and bikerental
Languages English, Dutch, German
Place of departure Amsterdam Visitor Centre, Stationsplein 10 or bike-rental shop
Time of departure You can choose your own desired starting time
Duration 3-4 hours
Particulars Bike rental via Local Experts is not required, you can bring or hire your own bikes