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Partyband - BLING!

Bling is a spectacular Amsterdam all-round cover-band, already playing successfully for a couple of years at party-halls in the Netherlands and Germany. Bling guarantees a smashing dance party with dance-classics of James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Kool & the Gang, you name it. No doubt about it, your guests will surely dance the night away!

Partyband - BLING!

Cast and repertoire
Bling's basic cast consists of Paul Wennekes (saxophone/bandleader), Patricia Laisina (vocals), Theo Holsheimer (guitar), Rein Bletz (bass) and Victor de Boo (drums). They are all very experienced and passionate musicians, who have played in musicals and productions for radio and television, working together with well known artists in many different genres.

You can book Bling as a party-band consisting of 5 persons which is more than enough to guarantee a great dance-party. However it is also possible to book Bling with a cast of 7 musicians that will (figuratively speaking of course) knock your guests off their feet, a bit like Earth Wind and Fire (but without the glitter costumes)

Local Experts can bring you in direct contact with the band so that you can discuss your musical wishes with them in person. Depending on the amount of sets, the location (travelling expenses), sound-installation and the size of the cast (5 or 7 musicians), the band can make you a tailor-made offer.


Price Price on request
Rate Price on request
Groupsize Basic cast cosists of 5 bandmembers
Duration In consultation
Ob6sions performance during the 1000-delegate welcome reception of the ECCB 2016 conference
The Ob6sions trio played during the 1000-delegate welcome reception of the ECCB 2016 conference in the Gemeentemuseum, The Hague, on September 4th, 2016. The trio (Jeroen van Helsdingen, keyboards, Sven Schuster, acoustic bass, and Victor de Boo, drums) under the leadership of Victor de Boo managed to blend seamlessly with the atmosphere of the reception, performing a very diverse selection of jazz-rock pieces. They played with great elegance and poise, going through all the keys and using different rhythms. Brilliant support was delivered by de Boo on the drumkit, whose sophistication and subdued showmanship captivated the audience. As one of the delegates put it: “Why were people talking through the great jazz music during the reception?”
“Great reception with great live music, great food and in a fantastic museum!”