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Is it possible to book for less than 10 persons?
Yes. Our excursions have minimal group prices. Most walking and cycling excursions (apart from bike rent) have the minimal group price of 125,- excluding 21% VAT. For every program that we offer you can find the minimal groupprice on our website. You'll have your own guide and choose the time of departure.
What is VAT?
VAT is a form of consumption tax. We have to ad this tax on top of the purchase price of all our services (also for foreign groups). After collecting this tax we have to pay this tax immediately to the tax authority. For excursions and arrangements we have to charge a VAT rate of 21%.
How do I calculate the VAT?
Most of our programs have a VAT rate of 21%. Divide the amount of the excursion by 100 and than multiply this amount with 21.
How long in advance do you have to reserve?
It depends a bit on the size of the group, the program and the week in which you want to book. In general it's best to book as early as possible or to make an optional reservation.
Do you have fixed departure times?
No, you can decide for yourself at what time you would like to depart. Look at the excursion description to find out till what time you can depart at the latest.
How about payment?
We send you an advanced invoice. We do not accept credit cards. Cash payment on the day of the program is sometimes also possible for smal programs like walkingtours.
Is there a cancellation charge?
For an answer to this question please look at our conditions . If you want to cancel a reservation we request you to inform us as soon as possible. Excursions offered in cooperation with third parties depend on the cancellation conditions of these third parties.
Is it possible to change the amount of participants?
After consultation it is in general possible to make small changes in the amount of people (10% of your original groupsize) up to 1 week in advance.
Where to park your car in Amsterdam?
Look at the website: Parkeren - Amsterdam
Where to park a bus in Amsterdam?
Look at the important information on the website of Gemeente Amsterdam
Do you know any nice restaurants?
Yes we do. Please look at our restaurant suggestions . Under chapter Culinary you'll find more information about our culinary programs.
In what languages are programs available?
Look at the excursion description for more information about the available languages. Most of our excursions can be guided in Dutch, English and German. French and Italian is also possible but not with all our excursions and under condition of availibility guide(s).
What are the costs of tailor made programs in stead of fixed programs?
For the organization of tailor made programs we charge a 20% organization fee on top of the total amount of the program, with a minimum of  €75,00 excl. 21% VAT per tailor made arrangement. Tailor made programs are only possible for groups starting at 20 persons.
Do you make hotelreservations?
No, we don't.
Would you like to know more?
Please use our reservation/information form or mail your question to info@local-experts.com. We will reply within 24 hours.